Through the established longevity of doing business in international market, York Trade Corporation is able to negotiate and present cost-competitive trade, logistic and brokerage options either in our own existing facilities or in the leased facility market. Our team will work jointly with our customer to develop and execute an implementation plan that ensures a successful business transition.

Logistic and Brokerage

The dedicated team will be comprised of cross-functional representatives of key departments within Brokers and Logistics that include:

Quality Assurance

Operations Management

Information Services



York Trade Corporation proven experience and process-based approach provides a valuable foundation to work from in quickly finalizing a transition plan that is unique to our customers' business requirements.

York Trade Corporation provides a Door-to-door service which comprises:

  • Calculation of customs duties;

  • Supply Chain Solutions

  • The preparation and conclusion of foreign trade contract;

  • Registration permits;

  • Freight forwarding;

  • Customs clearance procedures using electronic declaration;

  • Delivery of goods to the warehouse of the customer.

York Trade Corporation has extensive experience in successfully transitioning complex operations while maintaining a focus on uninterrupted timeline customer service, ensuring that our customer's implementation timeline requirements are met. We assign a dedicated implementation management team to focus solely on all aspects of transitioning the involved operations.

Supply Chain Solutions - Freight Management and Cost Reduction:

  • Lower Logistics Costs,

  • Improve Distribution Network by the selection of an optimal transport schemes and optimization of the supply;

  • Monitor shipments from vendors

  • Comprehensive cost analysis - Evaluation of current logistics configuration, cost and savings estimates


York Trade Corporation partners with manufacturers, distributors and shippers of all sizes to provide customized solutions to meet their specific needs. We take the time to learn and understand our customer's freight and treat it as if it were our own! Our experienced team of trade professionals is dedicated to offering superior service and they take pride in the role they play in our customer's supply chain.